Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teeth whitening home remedies

Please Don't forget to check with your dentist/Doctor about anything you want to attempt, as all people can be different and so can be the effects.

You can save money on costly items to whiten your teeth by using simple household items! By allowing yourself the proper time for these tips, you will be able to have your bright, white smile in your teeth for no cost at all that too all at home! The items you will use can be found in a normal American kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Written below is a teeth whitening system that you make and use at your home whenever you have some spare time. Small amounts of money would be spent and is listed below

Where Can you these items:

The simple items you will need from your kitchen are hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and basic dishes found in your kitchen.

To make the tooth-paste that will whiten your smile, simply mix about three teaspoons of the hydrogen peroxide and two teaspoons of baking soda. Put the mix in a small round bowl that makes it easier to mix and make the paste similar to your normal toothpaste in terms of density and thickness. Because the taste of this paste probably isn't going to be amazing, try adding a tad of flavor to the mixture made.

How to use:

As you would use a normal toothpaste, put some on your toothbrush and use the toothbrush to spread the paste all over your teeth and gums. Let it settle down for a couple of minutes before washing it out. Please Avoid swallowing this paste, and if by mistake you do, drink massive amount of water to flush your system.

After brushing:

Brush again, but this time with your normal household toothpaste. This will take away the taste and scent of the whitening paste. Try having some Juice, coffee, or just rinse with plain water to have old smell off of your teeth.

Also, dedicate some time every week to do this procedure, as it is not an instant tooth whitener. It will take time, perhaps some months. Even after your teeth are white, do continue to apply the paste every week.

Remember to contact your family dentist / doctor before attempting, as if you have a condition somewhere in your mouth, this may interfere.


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